There are several tribute shows to Michael Jackson currently performing around the world, but only one production that has gone all the way to bringing a show that will have you believing for a moment, the legacy continues…

About MJ The Legacy

A jaw-dropping Tribute to Michael Jackson celebrating his life and music, starring C J, one of the most dedicated and well-respected Michael Jackson Tribute artists in the world with 100% Live Vocals. C J is by far the best and most authentic MJ Tribute in the UK, he has the voice, the look and the moves, no other Michael Jackson tribute artist in the UK has the ability to perform all 3 qualities to the standard expected by MJ fans, CJ nails it every time, with performances all over the world including Russia, Romania, USA and Australia to name a few, leaving audiences stunned wherever he performs. Backed by his incredible LIVE BAND and DANCERS, featuring some of the very best musicians in the business. The show also features ‘Invincible Dance,’ a dance company who specialize in Michael Jackson’s style bringing you only the best and most accurate iconic Michael Jackson choreography which all Michael Jackson fans deserve to see! ‘MJ The Legacy’ brings to life the greatest entertainer of all time, presenting you with an immersive theatrical experience actively engaging its audience with stunning light effects and video projection from start to finish! This is the only Michael Jackson Tribute Production that truly captures the electrifying energy of Michael’s live performances which amazed the world for decades…

Covering all of your favorite hits from past to present with hits such as Thriller, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Man In The Mirror and the Jackson 5.

About C.J.

C J has been imitating Michael Jackson from the tender age of 4 and has been a life long fan! All through his school years, he was constantly performing as Michael Jackson in shows and competitions whenever he had the chance…

After leaving school at the age of 17, C J’s passion for performing as Michael Jackson never left him, so he decided to follow his dream! Since then, C J has been building his Award winning Tribute to Michael Jackson for the past 7 years, performing all over the UK and worldwide including performances in Moscow (Russia) and Romania (Bucharest). C J is established as one of the best and most dedicated.

C J is established as one of the best, most dedicated and well-respected Michael Jackson Tribute Artistes in the world today selling out shows wherever he performs! In this Show, C J brings to life the greatest entertainer of all time by capturing the electrifying energy of Michael’s live performances which amazed the world for decades. C J’s live vocal ability and accurately choreographed dancing along with his incredible Live band and Dancers will make you believe the King Of Pop has come back to life for one night only.


What made Michael Jackson stand out as a vocalist was his distinct voice. His vocal “hiccups” (somewhat like gulping for air or gasping) and breathless stutters were legendary. His grunts were achieved with good technique, and added to an already impressive vocal delivery. His vocals could be fierce and demanding (Smooth Criminal), or mellow and heartbroken (Earth Song).

He had the ability to sing both staccato (Smooth Criminal) and legato rhythms in perfect timing. His vocal runs were never overkill and were rapidly fluid. He had the ability to hold notes for extended periods without heavy fluctuation in pitch.

His lows were the darkest part of his range, being heavy and ever-so-slightly smoky. His mid-range gained brightness as it ascended, and his belting range had almost a chameleon edge to it, it could adopt different timbres and tones. It could come with a rock edge, a softer, mellow tone, or a light or heavy timbre. This allowed for vocal versatility and transitions through different genres.

Contrary to popular belief, he did NOT solely rely on his falsetto register. Of course, MJ used it frequently, but it was not an indication of his inability to sing in full voice. In fact, if you listen to the “Butterflies” acapella, you can hear that all the high notes are sung in full voice and not falsetto.


No one can ever compare themselves to MJ’s voice and it’s ridiculous to think that anybody ever could, there are a lot of MJ Tributes who mime to songs or sing along with MJ’s voice in the background, this just proves how much of a challenge it is. Michael’s vocal ability was untouchable in my eyes and if people say my tone is just a little similar to Michael Jackson’s, then i am one very lucky man!!

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Jackson Live in Concert - Starring CJ

Theatre Royal Brighton

20th July 2019

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Jackson Live in Concert - Starring CJ

Embassy Theatre Skegness

4th August 2019

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